Hi! I'm Natalie.  A Tactile Perception is my brand, and I'd love to tell you what that means.


In an increasingly digital world, many of us still enjoy the unique feeling we get when we run our fingers over a beautifully textured piece of paper.  It might be a crinkled page from an old diary, or a hand-written letter from generations past; a cherished object that we can hold in our hands.  That tactile perception wins hands down over a swipe of a screen or click of a mouse, any day of the week!  It's this physical, visual and tactile experience that I am passionate about.  Send your guests a unique invitation, and they will experience the first impression of your exquisite event.

Custom wedding invitations

Work with me, because I stand for two very important things:


In every aspect of what I do, I live and breathe quality.  Be reassured knowing that I will not settle for second best, and that each detail of your invitation will live up to my high standards.  Each collection is carefully created with artisan attention and be reassured that you'll end up with the highest quality product.  


Each of my collections are unique - they will offer your guests an individual experience and herald your special day.  Your wedding is one-of-a-kind, so let your stationery go beyond a cookie-cutter style and create something that truly reflects you.  

My story...

It might surprise you to hear that I have a backgound in neuropsychology ("what's that?" I hear you ask!)  I have a PhD in brain development, and have spent years researching and observing brain function. I know - neuropsychology and paper craft couldn'tbe more different.  However, as a neuropsychologist I have a unique perspective on perception.  I understand the flood of stimulation the brain receives as we experience something pleasant, as we touch something between our fingertips, perceiving something in our conscious mind.  I also understand how important aesthetics and the visual experience are on our enjoyment and our wellbeing.  My goal is to create beautiful things for everyone to enjoy.


In Grade 1, when I was 6 years old, I was teaching my classmates origami!  I taught myself calligraphy in Grade 4 - the same year I won an Australia Post drawing competition.  I have always been sketching, cutting, gluing, designing and creating.  I still draw with paper and pen, write out lists on scrap paper to get my ideas straight, and have a good old-fashioned paper diary every year.  My brain just isn't wired to be satisfied with the digital surface (possibly something to do with my parietal lobes...)  Neuropsychology represents my inquisitive and meticulous side, but designing satisfies my visual, tactile, and creative desires, and I hope to do that everyday far into the future.