The Embrace Collection

With three cards in your suite, hold them together delicately with an unusual sleeve.

The Diagonal Sleeve

Hold your three cards within a diagonal sleeve and give your guests a taste of the style of your wedding just before they take out your invitation.

Earthy and organic, the Moon and Stone design will match your natural wedding theme beautifully.

The diagonal sleeve holds your 13 x 13 cm invitation, inclusion card, and RSVP card and RSVP envelope, and the suite also includes your envelope, and is priced at $10.90 per suite.

The Corner Sleeve

The corner sleeve is a hand-folded paper pocket that holds each of your cards.  The design is created so that each card peeks out from the top and contributes to the overall look of the design.

The Rose Octagon design is a natural combination of nude, pear, and ocean colours with a rose golden patterned octagon and beautiful green foliage.

The corner sleeve holds your 12 x 18 cm invitation, two additional cards, and an RSVP envelope, and is priced at $10.90 per suite.  Add a printed design on the corner sleeve for an additional $1.00 ea.

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