The Signature Tezukuri Collection

Tezukuri, or handmade in Japanese, comprise three original folds.  Surprise your guests with these unique wedding invitations as your event details are revealed within. 

These beautiful pieces are printed on high quality paperstock in a range of colours and textures.  Each suite begins at $13.95 per suite, and custom designs are also available.

The Aijou Fold

Aijou, meaning love in Japanese, embodies the emotion that your wedding represents.  A DL-sized envelope contains an invitation hand-folded from premium A4-sized paper.  

The inner panels detail your event information, and the outer panel features a graphic or your initials.

Current designs are pictured and include:

Pink Filigree


Vintage Rose

Photographic Floral

Black leaf

The Yorokobi Fold

Yorokobi, meaning joy or pleasure in Japanese, is a simple yet visually interesting fold.  A4-size paper hand-folded to fit into a C6 size rectangular envelope, this design is easy for your guests to open and fold back up. 

Delight your guests with a graphic on the outer panel and your details on the inside.

Current designs are pictured and include:

Rustic Greenery


Golden Guild

Geometric Tulip

The Hanabi Fold

Hanabi means fireworks in Japanese!  This smaller fold contains plenty of details that reveal themselves as each layer is opened.  Fitting into a 13 x 13 cm envelope when folded, it opens to an A4-sized invitation containing your event details and graphics. 

Current designs are pictured and include:

Tropical Leaf

Contemporary Lines